September 28, 2023

‘The smartest person in any room anywhere’: in defence of Elon Musk, by Douglas Coupland

It’s fascinating at whatever point Elon Musk’s name comes up and individuals start talking about his achievements, like the reexamination of cash, cars and space travel, there’s consistently somebody who says: “No doubt, yet I hear he can be a genuine dick.”

Take that, Elon.

So then, at that point, we should be absolutely legit here, in light of the fact that in your heart, you know, and I know, dear peruser, that you can be a genuine dick, as well. So can I, and, in case we’re in effect genuinely legitimate, so can, say, the Queen. She presumably must be a dick 10 times each week. So since when does being a dick some way or another discredit you personally? It doesn’t. That is simply idiotic. Furthermore, how might this benefit you to dis somebody you don’t have the foggiest idea, at any rate? Being antagonistic is a blockhead’s method of attempting to seem savvy without really being brilliant. Furthermore, we should likewise be sure about something different: we as a whole disdain a prude, so come on, what sort of wonderful conduct is it you anticipate from an individual, any individual, not to mention Elon Musk?But he appears as though he’s just out for exposure

Elon Musk is really horrendous at exposure. His Cybertruck dispatch was a debacle, and the “Tesla in space” thing was cringey. When being talked with he’s hazy, excessively nerd and hard to interface with – Richard Branson is multiple times better with exposure, yet there is something in particular about Musk that causes Branson to appear to be 1,000 years old.But he appears as though he’s attempting to control the media

He’s horrendous at that, as well. After the deplatforming of Donald Trump, Musk is undebateably the planet’s alpha tweeter. One of those Kardashian individuals can make a line of armpit hair remover become famous online, yet Musk can create or annihilate billions of dollars of abundance in three or four words. Why for heaven’s sake would he try squandering three synapses attempting to control the media? Too, his regularly weak tweets habitually misfire, as he’s quick to verify with his generally very evident tweet: Tweeting on Ambien isn’t astute. Musk doesn’t have to control the media since what he does is phenomenally intriguing. He isn’t somebody who needs to look for press.

In any case, he’s barely out to bring in cash

a) So, consider the possibility that he is. In any case, b) He isn’t. He’s simply doing what he does. He’s additionally, at the hour of composing, the second most extravagant individual on Earth. He likely became accustomed to going to the treats store and purchasing 10 of everything quite a while past. He lives humbly. He generally reinvests in his own thoughts and his thoughts are acceptable.

Yet, self-driving vehicles will kill individuals!

Grow up.

Musk didn’t simply produce a couple of crucial licenses and move to Santa Barbara to golf for the remainder of his life. Consistently he attempts to waste time and it’s working. Shopped online recently? At any point needed to visit the International Space Station? Need another vehicle? With vehicles alone, Musk essentially without any help disgraced and constrained the worldwide automobile industry to speed up the electric vehicle rollout by seven to 10 years. However individuals kvetch, and it makes me keep thinking about whether there is something in a general sense defective about our period that it is practically difficult to get individuals to say something decent regarding basically any other individual. A “like” given to another person is a like that might have rather gone to oneself, which I assume demonstrates that there’s something generally unique about selfhood than, say, 25 years prior. I pick 1996 on the grounds that it appears to me to have been the top of the big name profile – recall them? In Vanity Fair, say. The lustrous cover. The groveling. The assumption for soil uncovered. Will they double-cross? Indeed, even the questioners were popular for talking, and everything feels like 1,000,000 years prior. Are there any superstar questioners left? Oprah, I surmise, yet her heart doesn’t appear to truly be in it, and she presently is by all accounts only an empowering conductor for the Megan-and-Harry sentiments legislative issues that scourges our period.

Yet, I hear he abuses his representatives

In the first place, we previously talked about this: he can be a dick, so don’t be astonished when he is. Second, individuals realize they will be working with Elon Musk, so they can’t play poor me in the event that he goes Elon on them. What’s more, third, he’s inconceivably keen and is accustomed to working with the world’s sharpest and most cultivated individuals, so on the off chance that you don’t measure up, you didn’t measure up. What’s more, here’s something amusing he really said to somebody who was irritating him in the Tesla industrial facility: “You know, I could be drinking mai tais with exposed supermodels, yet rather I’m here with you.” He has a point.

Yet, he hurt my sentiments and caused me to feel like I was in a perilous and setting off workplace

Dear God, is this what our general public has been diminished to?

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