December 5, 2022

The men on our screens

One of the most loved trademarks of a major lump of our populace isn’t ‘all men’. The hashtag is raised each time ladies and minorities decide to oppose the violations committed by men. Then again, the wrongdoings perpetrated on TV and the physical and boisterous attack demonstrated on our screens is supposed to be a ‘sensible depiction’ of Pakistani society. We are informed that dramatizations portray what crowds need to see. However, do we truly need to see oppressive and manipulative men on screen? Numerous of them, simultaneously? Do we maintain that TV should be a wellspring of diversion and get away or do we turn on our screens to take care of much more pessimistic considerations into our kin?

In the event that we basically take a gander at the early evening shows right now on air, we can recognize something like three hazardous men as lead characters. Obviously, we realize it isn’t all men. Our dramatizations additionally have characters like Basit and Hamza who can be valued. Yet, might they at any point dwarf the negative ones? Might they at any point impact the remainder of the general public into accepting that, truth be told, not many men will cheat, exploit, misuse and manipulate?We’ve seen crazy men. And afterward we’ve seen the men Danish Taimoor decides to play in dramatizations. Recall Shahzaib from Ishq Hai? One would have felt that nothing could be more insane than the poisonous and genuinely harmful man that Shahzaib was. Yet, just Danish Taimoor might have finished off that norm with a far and away more terrible person. Enter Shamsher from Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, another rich and spoilt imp on account obviously, the unfortunate person look doesn’t exactly measure up for the entertainer. One more wrecked meaning of affection, Shamsher falls head over heels for a young lady he simply encounters out and about. He chases her down, powers his spontaneous love upon her, badgers and undermines her family, even captures her significant other to-be. Simply because he needs to wed her.With episode 5 on air, Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is depicting a wrecked thought of adoration. Shamsher realizes that the young lady isn’t keen on him obviously, that has no effect. So watchers go through the torture of watching Shamsher chase a young lady down, even conflicts with his own family in quest for the young lady. What’s more, who knows the degree of savagery that this character will go to? Will the show become one more illustration of capture-bonding? What sort of a message are we conveying to our ladies then?Ahsan Khan is an expert of his craft. Furthermore, however much we could loathe it, the entertainer succeeds in regrettable characters. His last exhibition, Murad in Qissa Meherbano Ka was the embodiment of a detestable man. Presently, Khan is back with another negative depiction. Tabraiz from Fraud is in a real sense a cheat. The entire family is a trick, as a matter of fact. They wed into unassuming, working class families while professing to have a place with the exclusive class, exploit them for cash and afterward vanish.

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