September 28, 2023

Survey highlights US is top-paying country for software engineers

New report has uncovered the disparity in wages of specialists all over the planet, featuring that US designers procure considerably more than their British friends

Gamified programming outfit Codingame directed the overview utilizing its local area of 2,000,000 designers (alongside tech enrollment specialists) as per which, the US stayed the top-paying country for computer programmers, with a typical yearly compensation of $95,879.

As per the report more than 40% of engineers working in the US procure more than $100k per year and 5 percent acquire than $200k yearly.

A nearby second as far as compensation was Switzerland, with a $90,462 normal compensation, Canada was at $71,193, while UK came in fourth, with a typical compensation of $68,664.

Also, as per the information Germany came in at 6th spot with $61,390. France was down at 10th with $47,617. At 10th spot came Spain with a typical compensation of $39,459 for programmers.

Nonetheless, programmers in India, Morocco, and Tunisia were at the lower part of the table, with midpoints of $19,553, $18,318, and $16,796 respectively.”BIG GRRRLS ARE BOOKED, BLESSED AND BUSY,” she composed.

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