October 7, 2022

Putin wants Ukrainian president Zelensky to be assassinated? 400 Russian assassins flown in, says report

In the midst of the serious continuous military battle among Russia and Ukraine, reports have arisen that Vladimir Putin is supposedly wanting to get Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky killed. As per reports, upwards of 400 Russian soldiers of fortune have been flown in from Africa to target President Zelensky and his whole bureau. The Times announced that the military available, run by ‘oligarch’ Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is viewed as a nearby associate of Putin, has been flown in half a month prior. Prigozhin has been offered an incredible aggregate by Kremlin for the death mission, the report said. The kill group is anticipating green sign from Moscow to dispense with individuals referenced in their hit list that likewise incorporates Ukrainian PM, bureau pastors and Kyiv city chairman separated from other noted characters.

As indicated by the report, the data about the feared arrangement had arrived at the Ukrainian government provoking to announce a 36-hour solid time limitation last week. The specialists had requested to remain inside for the Ukrainian troopers to complete their activity to chase down the Russian saboteurs.Meanwhile, Russian powers have intensifed their tactical activity as they approach Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Most recent satellite pictures show a 64-kilometers in length escort of the Russian armed force north of Ukraine capital Kyiv, that said 352 regular folks have been killed, including 14 kids since the Russian attack began on February 24. Alisher Usmanov, 68, a financial specialist who works in the iron metal and steel, media and web areas and is said by the EU to be “one of Vladimir Putin’s beloved oligarchs”, is included.”Mr Usmanov has allegedly fronted for President Putin and tackled his business issues,” the EU text said. “As per FinCEN records, he paid $6m to Vladimir Putin’s powerful counsel Valentin Yumashev.

“Dmitry Medvedev, the representative director of the Security Council of Russia and previous president and head of the state of Russia, profited from the individual utilization of extravagant homes constrained by Mr Usmanov.”

Others recorded are: Petr Aven, 64, who has been companions with Putin since the 1990s and is among 50 well off financial specialists who consistently meet the Russian president; Mikhail Fridman, 55, a vital investor of the Alfa bank which assisted Putin’s oldest girl, Maria, run a foundation with projecting, Alfa-Endo; and Dmitri Peskov, 54, who is Putin’s press secretary.

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