November 28, 2022

How Seema Punia overcame tough times in Russia in quest for another medal

Ridiculous year, four-time Region Matches award dominating disk hurler Seema Punia has experienced damnation and back. The 37-year-old, who trains in Russia, tried positive for Coronavirus, spent extended periods in isolation and faced mental conflicts. However, she never surrendered however she was in an unfamiliar land. The Haryana conceived competitor says she took comfort in yoga, contemplation and Osho’s way of thinking to get through testing times.

“It can get desolate and hard over yonder yet I’m looking for something more prominent. Language is an enormous issue however I can see now. I have gotten sufficient that I can move around the city without an interpreter. In the event that you need to demonstrate something you need to avoid here and messy governmental issues,” says Seema.

Seema was in India recently for the Organization Cup, her first rivalry in the country in more than two years. She was top pick to sack the gold until Punjab’s Kamalpreet created a record-breaking toss in abundance of 65metres. Seema, albeit baffled, acknowledged the second spot nimbly. The competitor feels it was a good endeavor, considering she was coming from a cool district like Krasnodar (southwestern Russia), one of her three preparing bases.

“I’m coming from an area where it is very cold so I think about my toss (62.64m) nothing not exactly a 65m toss,” she says.It was around April a year ago when the tall and very much constructed competitor was pushed down to the brink of collapse by the Covid. Wooziness and a fever of 103 Fahrenheit were telling signs.

“I felt like my head was turning and had an extreme fever. I asked my mentor not to go to my room. It was a shocking inclination. Like going through some serious hardship. At that point wellbeing experts showed up to take blood tests. The test demonstrated I was positive,” the competitor reviews.

Getting back fit as a fiddle felt like an enormous assignment for the competitor, who used to prepare at least six hours every day prior to the infection hit her. “I would be amazed in the wake of climbing a stairwell and there was this steady cerebral pain. Things facilitated gradually and I would have been truly glad had I qualified for the Olympic Games here,” says Seema, a double cross Olympian who has a joined count of six decorations in the Province Games and Asian Games.

Regardless of the battles, Seema feels reflection and otherworldliness helped in the mending cycle. “I read a ton of books on Osho and otherworldliness. I’m a tremendous supporter of Osho and hear his messages routinely. It presents to me a ton of harmony and peacefulness which assisted me with getting these testing times,” she says.

Seema’s choice to begin preparing in Russia back in 2016 had caused a commotion due to the doping record of competitors from the country. Seema presently prepares at three focuses in Sochi, Maykop and Krasnodar under mentor Vitaliy Pishchalnikov, a previous hurler. Seema additionally works intimately with physio and wellness coach Bella who ventured out to Patiala for the League Cup.

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