November 28, 2022

Hope Afghanistan doesn’t become ‘epicentre of terrorism’ again: Singapore PM Lee

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday said Afghanistan is a vital battlefront in the worldwide battle against illegal intimidation from where fanatic thoughts have been traded to the locale, trusting that the nation doesn’t turn into an “focal point of psychological oppression” after the Taliban held onto Kabul.

Lee, at a public interview here alongside visiting US Vice President Kamala Harris, said that America’s mediation in the locale 20 years prior has halted psychological oppressor bunches from utilizing Afghanistan as a safe base.”For this, Singapore is appreciative. We trust Afghanistan doesn’t turn into a focal point for psychological warfare once more,” he said.

Singapore has sent staff to Afghanistan since it is a vital battlefront in the worldwide battle against fanatic psychological oppression, Lee said, taking note of that radical thoughts and capacities have been traded from that point to the area.

The Taliban held onto power in Afghanistan on August 15, fourteen days before the US was set to finish its troop withdrawal following an expensive two-decade war. This constrained Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to escape the country to the UAE.

The radicals raged the nation over, catching all significant urban areas in only days, as Afghan security powers prepared and prepared by the US and its partners softened away.Thousands of Afghan nationals and outsiders are escaping the nation to get away from the new Taliban system and to look for refuge in changed countries, including the US and numerous European countries, bringing about absolute mayhem at Kabul air terminal and passings.

Lee’s assertion came as the Biden organization has gone under analysis, particularly from the Opposition Republican Party, for the withdrawal of the US powers from Afghanistan as the Taliban caught power, bringing about mayhem and deaths.President Ashraf Ghani, who escaped as the Taliban progressed on Kabul, has taken shelter in the United Arab Emirates which invited him and his family on “helpful grounds”.

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